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It’s Not Custard

I actually had a fairly positive response to my last post (I have to try and come up with my own terminology for this stuff) so I’m going to coast the wave of success with another.

I recently did some work on some concept art for a It’s Not Custard. It’s Not Custard is a short film following the life of Louise and her daily struggle with everybody’s best friend, chronic acne.

The piece was a digital painting, which I really enjoyed working on, although I don’t know if the acne is a little too pronounced but the brief required it to look as disgusting as possible, so I had to exaggerate the look somewhat. I was probably asked too as well by Kate. I also did some watercolour paintings as well, which don’t look great. (I haven’t painted with watercolour properly for over 12, probably more, years apart from messing around with colour in my sketchbook for the last month or so).


I initially finished the piece and then asked if I could work on it some more after the invoice had been paid as originally I saw the front subject as being more one-toned (kind of like the film-noir trope) but I wanted to add more tones, along with some more pronounced and yet subtle highlights on the hand which gives it a little more depth I thought, which seemed to be lacking. But thats just my opinion.

Apparently copying the embed code will result in a video magically appearing below:

It has worked! I even added some options to the embed code and I did it all by myself.

Feel free to say hello or shower me with undeserved praise.




If your interested in donating to It’s Not Custard then you can do so HERE!.. Every Little Helps