Something For The Weekend

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New work is featured on Creature Magazine online. The banner illustration is on random rotation, along with many other illustrators work.

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Shop, Look, Listen

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PPaintings are now available to buy from the Paintings page giving everybody the opportunity to brighten up any empty wall along with my bank account.

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THQ, Nintendo & Rory

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I have been working with both THQ and Pan Vision in London, Copenhagen and Stockholm, to ably assist with pre-promotion of the now released drawing tablet for the Nintendo Wii.

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That Gallery 4×6 Group Show, Hong Kong

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I was asked to participate on the 4×6 Group show at the newly set up ‘That Gallery’ in Hong Kong. Happily the gallery never returned my work.

All pieces exhibited in the show will be in the paintings section of Click the image above to be taken exactly there.