SO please take a seat and make yourself comfortable. My name Rory and I am a illustrator, designer and artist. To be completely honest I have little no idea about blogging and even find the word, ‘blog,’ to be unsavoury – it is a stupid word and I hate it.

At any rate, here is my weblog, apparently it is vey important I have one so I can connect with what little audience I have. In it you will find news about stuff that I’m doing that might (or might not) be of immense fascination. I initially put everything, like sketches, on there but I don’t know what is of interest to anybody so I’m putting kind of big events on here as opposed to photographs of chairs or whatever.

Anyway I hope you like what you see and if you want to check out my website, the link is below along with links to places where you can purchase t-shirts, prints and other paraphernalia. 

Have a good one!






Murphed WP      

Newly opened store featuring t-shirts!



Society6 WP

Selling Prints, iPhone Cases, Shower Curtains and much, much more! 


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