Gma tmp mens crew ghosted front01

 Eggs-Men – Now a reality!


It has been a long time we have last spoken, thats my fault and I don’t want you blaming yourself. Not for one minute. Half a minute I’m OK with.

So I always meant to redo this piece as I was never 100% happy with it but I just never got around to it and so after being invited to open a store withThreadless’s Artist Shop’s I was convinced today to release it as is and it is now available to buy. To be honest I’ve had the store languishing for quite a while and wasn’t until recently that I came up with it’s name – Murphed and put together a mark. I was super keen to incorporate my name into the brand so at the moment I am happy with how it has come out.

To give a bit of interesting information, the piece was done with my dip pen on bristol board and scanned and the coloured using the same colours for Marvel’s comics in the 60’s to give it a retro feel. I was planning on messing around with halftones when I redid it, maybe I will try that in the future but don’t hold your breath people. The t-shirt is yellow, I have stuck with that colour since I used the colour of the garment to colour Wolverine’s hood as well as Cyclops’s eye band thing.

So below are a couple of images and below that a link to where you can buy your very own t-shirt. The design is also available for women and children.







Feel free to say hello or shower me with undeserved praise. Likes, shares and other Social Media shenanigans are appreciated.




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